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Salary Analysis 2021

The Foremost Reference for Salaries Across Asia

As an employer in today's working environment, it is crucial to be kept up to date with the latest industry trends. During the hiring process, understanding the market, industry and how each role is evolving is of the utmost importance. However, gathering the necessary information can be a difficult task and the information obtained might not be holistic or comprehensive enough.

Therefore, the Salary Analysis in Asia by JAC Group seeks to address this concern. The research and the data presented in our report draws upon our extensive experience and record of accomplishments amassed over decades of conducting business across borders throughout Asia. It covers crucial areas such as salary rates, analysis of market trends, and breaks it down across a vast range of industries and functions. This extensive coverage includes Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Korea, Vietnam, India, and Japan, which will be beneficial for both hiring managers and candidates.