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Job Seekers

A Consultative Approach

Our consultants take time to learn about you and your career. As specialists in the job market, our goal is to provide you with the personalised career advice that you need. We make sure that your CV conveys your experience properly and that you are fully prepared for interviews; not only with guidance on proper interview techniques, but with a full briefing on the company and role you decide to pursue.

As expert career consultants, we drive the hiring process forward, schedule meetings with key decision makers and negotiate salaries on your behalf.

​Our Process

1. Registration
You can register using our online registration function or by contacting us directly. You can also directly apply for any positions you have found on our website. Once your registration has been completed, you will be contacted by a JAC consultant if we have suitable positions for you. We don't charge any recruitment service fees to candidates.

2. Initial Interview (Career Consulting and Introduction of Opportunities)
A JAC career consultant who specialises in your area of expertise will contact you and arrange for an initial meeting at our offices. During this meeting the consultant will enquire about your skills, experience, personal strengths and preferred future career path. As a result of this interview, they will be able to introduce you to career opportunities which match your skills and interests. 

3. Application - Screening - Interview
If there is a position you are interested in applying for that matches your qualifications, after confirming your decision, we will recommend you to the client. If clients decide to interview, we will arrange an interview date and time. Following this, our career consultant will provide feedback to you on behalf of the client. 

4. Offer & Start Work
Your consultant will contact you if the client makes an offer and assist you in any further negotiations around details of the offer. This includes working conditions, start date and salary and any other details unique to your situation. Your career consultant is there to support you in making a smooth transition to your new employer.

5. Follow-up After Starting
JAC Recruitment makes a point to follow up with you after you have taken the next step in your career. We are committed to ensuring that you remain happy in your new position.  

Register with us to receive job alerts or contact a JAC career consultant to help you take the next step.